Business Development

Creating a blueprint with a hands on approach based off the immediate and long term goals. We can help you research, analyze, develop and execute a meaningful plan across all facets of your business.


Building a sound distribution strategy, with natural growth initiatives and providing showroom, pop-up and trunk show services. We can help you build your sales campaign based off the key market calendar schedule.


Developing a product development strategy with an unparalleled understanding of product trends and competitive landscape. We can help you create product with a pricing strategy.


Applying or reinforcing production requirements and demands of the marketplace. We can help you with the groundwork and build the nuts and bolts of your production flow.


Proven track record of creating, implementing and utilizing logistics reporting system for shipments and direct warehouse management. We can help you assess which, if any, local facility and procedure is best for your business.

Media Relations

Proven results collaborating directly with press to promote, create and produce brand awareness with the media. We can help you assess media objectives and goals.

Corporate Governance

Deeply trusted local relationships in the fields of law and accounting. We can help you set up a local subsidiary with confidence and accountability.

Real Estate

Knowledge and experience canvassing Manhattan real estate and other key cities. We can help you assess, define and meet your needs for real estate, whether temporary or permanent.


Established and trusted relationships with media, retail, real estate, technology, design, photography, disruptive start ups and more. We can help you organically make the right connection.